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VESPA - VErsatile SPectral Analysis

Welcome to the VESPA database. VESPA is a code to recover star formation and metallicity histories, dust content and present-day stellar masses from galactic spectra. The algorithm is described in detail in Tojeiro et al. 2007 (MNRAS, 381, 1252).

This database is the main repository for VESPA's results. Currently it holds detailed star formation histories and other parameters for SDSS's latest data release (DR7) of the Main Galaxy Sample (MGS) and the Luminous Red Galaxies (LRG) sample. Details of the catalogue, including description, basic properties and example queries can be found in Tojeiro et al. 2009 (ApJS, 185, 1). Please cite this paper when using data from this catalogue.

Data access is currently via the freeform SQL form. Details of the tables can be found in the schema browser and in Tojeiro et al. 2009.

For questions, support and suggestions please email Rita Tojeiro at rita.tojeiro at

Latest news

  • May 22, 2012: Important - Added FAQ entry on correction to all stellar masses in order to place them on the correct flux scale. Please note that the factor of 0.26 dex quoted in Tojeiro et al. 2009 is in error. It should read 0.14 dex.
  • May 22, 2012: Added FAQ entry on fibre aperture corrections. Please note that the sign of the fibre-correction in Equation 22 of Tojeiro et al. 2009 is wrong.

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