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Batch form - pixel data

This form allows you to request the extraction of up to a combined TOTAL of 500 FITS images at a time. Images can be extracted from either or both of the H-alpha/SR bands available as square areas. A restriction of 1000 sq arcmin has also been placed on the total area requested. The FITS images are returned as a link to a gzipped tar saveset. Images are sequentially numbered in the order they are extracted. If an image cannot be extracted (eg the region requested is not in a part of the Galactic Plane currently available) then no FITS image is created and that number is skipped.

Note that both equatorial and Galactic co-ordinates are accepted but that the co-ordinates displayed on the associated postscript finding charts for each batch extraction are labelled with J2000 equatorial RA/DEC positions. Most of the information given in the introduction to the extraction of single images is applicable to the batch mode and can be found here.

Coordinates: input/browse for the full path & filename of the file containing your RAs and Decs (free format sexagesimal) or l,b (decimal degrees) positions here, each line in the file should only contain one RA/Dec or l,b eg:
09 12 26.6 -42 25 41 (RA/Dec) or 265.7519 +4.1011 (l/b)
09 02 22.0 -48 41 35 (RA/Dec) or 269.1904 -1.4252 (l/b)

Co-ordinate system:

Size of extracted square: arcmin. (0.2 < size < 15 arcmin)

Survey band: H-alpha/SR (tick at least one box):
H-alpha-    Short-red-

Pixel units:
NB. Flat-field correction is not applicable to the short-red survey or images output in transmission or density space.

Finding charts are also provided in postscript format. Please select the number of plots per page. It is often sensible for the number across the page to be the same as or a multiple of the no. waveband(s) selected.
Note: For visualisation purposes of the postscript finding charts, experience has shown that selecting density space for pixel units gives the best results. This is not true for the fits files themselves where choice of pixel units should be made on other criteria.

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When you have completed the form, click on the Send button below.

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