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Examples for pixel image extraction

The form, Get an Image, requires the user to input coordinates on the sky expressed in either equatorial co-ordinates of Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (Dec) or as Galactic latitude and longitude (l,b).

RA is the astronomical equivalent of terrestrial longitude, and ranges from 0 hours to 24 hours. RA is further subdivided into minutes and seconds, so that an RA of 07 43 18,1 equates to 07 hours, 43 minutes and 18.1 seconds.

Dec is the astronomical equivalent of terrestrial latitude, and ranges from -90 to + 90 degrees. Again Dec is further subdivided into minutes and seconds, so that a Dec of -34 45 14 equates to -34 degrees, 45 minutes and 14 seconds.

If the equatorial co-ordinate option is chosen enter the RA and Dec together in the position box provided on the form i.e as
07 43 18.1 -34 45 14

There is an option to specify whether the equatorial co-ordinates are in equinox B1950 or J2000.

If the Galactic longitude and latitude co-ordinate option is chosen then enter the angular values l,b together in the same position box in the form: i.e 249.3829 -5.5013.
Note that in general l ranges from 0-360 and b from |b|=0-90 but that for the AAO/UKST Galactic Plane survey the |b| range is basically limited to +/-10degrees, whilst the l range for this Southern survey covers from 0-40 degrees and from 212-360 degress.

The survey data is being released in stages of contiguous regions in the Southern Galactic Plane until the full Milky Way region is available. The current map of available fields can be found here

You should get images in the H-alpha and/or SR bands returned if you select according to the RA and DEC ranges shown on the survey field map (or their l,b equivalents).

Listed below are the coordinates of some interesting H-alpha sources that you might like to try extracting together with a suggested area size to extract. Note that the primary H-alpha band image is returned by default

Name              RA and Dec           Galactic l,b       Size   Description
                (equinox J2000)      (decimal degrees)  (arcmin)

NGC2792        09 12 26.6 -42 25 41   265.7519  +4.1011    5     Planetary Nebula (PN)
PHR0754-3444   07 54 55.0 -34 44 13   250.5709  -3.4301    2     New PN from H-alpha survey
G25            09 02 22.0 -48 41 35   269.1904  -1.4252   15     HII region from RCW (1960) catalogue
GG22           08 28 46.2 -33 45 02   253.5900  +2.9560   15     Cometary Globule  
HH120/Re 2     08 09 32.6 -36 04 55   253.2914  -1.6125   10     Herbig-Haro object in Gum Nebula region
HH75           09 11 38.5 -45 42 28   268.0464  +1.7500    3     Herbig-haro object in Vela
SNR263.4-03.0  08 34 12.0 -45 40 00   263.8257  -3.2410   30     Vela Supernova remnant

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