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The survey data is being released incrementally in contiguous regions of 50+ fields at a time. By early 2003 the whole Southern Galactic Plane and Magellanic Cloud regions will be available on-line covering over 4000 sq.degrees.

The narrow-band H-alpha images are complemented by contemporaneous matching broad-band Short-Red (SR2) exposures taken on non-standard 4-degree field centres (due to the nature of circular aperture of the interference filter used).
Click HERE for more information on the special filter.

Both exposures were taken using fine-grained Tech-Pan film based emulsion which has improved resolution and depth c.f. traditional glass-based emulsions such as IIIaF. Further details of the properties of Tech-Pan can be found in Parker & Malin (1999).

Ultimately both the I-band and first epoch SR data (SR1) in the Plane will also be incorporated. These were taken on standard 5-degree field centres on glass plates with the IV-N and IIIaF emulsions. These data will additionally permit H-alpha-R and R-I colours plots for point sources in the Galactic Plane, whilst the first epoch SR1 will enable proper motions to de determined for many stars wrt SR2. These data will greatly assist in the identification of variables, true H-alpha emitting objects etc.

To view the Galactic Plane fields currently on-line in the matched H-alpha/SR2 pass-bands go to Galactic Plane coverage. Although the survey data is being released in tranches of contiguous regions users may request special access to an individual field prior to general release if urgently required.

Further general details concerning the AAO/UKST H-alphs survey are given here.

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