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A 20 field SHS mosaic

Below is a mosaic of 20 of the H-alpha fields displayed by Galactic longitude and latitude in and around the Vela Supernova remnant (at the left). The longitude range is from about l=240-270deg left to right with the latitude range b=-2.25deg (bottom) to +6.25deg (top).
20 field mosaic of H-alpha survey fields 
(l=240-270deg, b -2.25 to +6.25deg)

A larger higher resolution image of this 20 field H-alpha mosaic is available here.

The gif image has been contrast enhanced to bring-up faint H-alpha nebulosities

A pseudo colour image of 6 of these fields in the immediate vicinity of the Vela SNR is given below and a higher resolution version is given here.

6 field pseudo colour mosaic of H-alpha survey fields 
329, 330, 390, 391, 457 & 458 centred on the Vela SNR - note image
oriented E-W in this case.
The H-alpha images were used to create the emission map whilst the broad-band short-red exposures were used as the Blue and Green components of the colour image. These were all combined in such a way that the sky background in the absence of emission is black and so that stars come out yellow. This 6 field mosaic is of H-alpha survey fields 329, 330, 390, 391, 457 & 458 and is centred directly on the Vela SNR - note the mosaic image is oriented E-W.

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