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Special Press page: NAM 2002 BRISTOL

The AAO/UKST H-alpha survey: for association with PPARC press release

Below are given an examples of a large-scale colour image of the Vela SuperNova Remnant (About 9x9 degrees on the sky) together with several new Planetary Nebula discovered from the H-alpha survey material by Parker et al.

A colour image of the Vela SuperNova remnant

A pseudo colour image of 6 H-alpha survey fields in the immediate vicinity of the famous Vela SNR is given below and a higher resolution version is given here.

6 field pseudo colour mosaic of H-alpha survey fields 
329, 330, 390, 391, 457 & 458 centred on the Vela SNR - note image
oriented E-W in this case.
The H-alpha images were used to create the emission map whilst the broad-band short-red exposures were used as the Blue and Green components of the colour image. These were all combined in such a way that the sky background in the absence of emission is black and so that stars come out yellow. This 6 field mosaic is of H-alpha survey fields 329, 330, 390, 391, 457 & 458 and is centred directly on the Vela SNR - note the mosaic image is oriented E-W.

The Planetary Nebulae

Figure 1a (left) A new PNe discovery taken on 4-degree field centre exposure HA17702, field 1063H 19h12m, -12deg B1950.

The image is about 2.6 x 2.6 arcminutes in size.

Figure 1b (right) gives a follow-up confirmation image.

This was taken with the Taurus Tunable Filter (TTF) on the AAT on by Brian Boyle and Steve Lee.

Examples of four new resolved Planetary Nebulae

Each image is 2.6 x 2.6 arcminutes in size.

Figure 2a & b. Top left & top right are both from exposure HA17614 (field 334)

Figure 2c & d. bottom left from exposures HA17617 (field 226) & bottom right from exposure HA17619 (field 392).

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