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The Schmidt surveys scanned by SuperCOSMOS

An area covering the South Galactic Cap (SGC) was chosen as the initial on-line data product to originate from the SuperCOMOS scanning of Schmidt survey plates. As more disk space is acquired the coverage will be increased to cover the entire Southern sky.

The surveys measured for these fields are:

  • UK Schmidt Telescope Blue (IIIaJ) Southern & Equatorial Surveys (Bj=22.5)
  • UK Schmidt Telescope Red (IIIaF) Southern (Second Epoch) & Equatorial Surveys (R=21.5)
  • UK Schmidt Telescope near InfraRed (IVN) Southern Survey (I=19.5)
  • ESO Schmidt Telescope Red (IIIaF) Southern Survey (R=21)
  • Palomar-I Oschin Schmidt Telescope (POSS-I) Red (103aE) Southern Extension (R=20)
The ESO R (Dec < -17.5) and Palomar (POSS-I E) (-17.5 < Dec < +2.5) surveys were measured so as to provide a second epoch in red.

Information on these surveys can be found here.

Charts showing which fields are available on-line for a given survey can be found under Sky coverage.

Other SuperCOSMOS on-line survey data products are also being made available. The most recent addition is the new AAO/UKST H-alpha survey of the Southern Galactic Plane. A staged release of the survey data is underway. The scanned material comprises:

  • AAO/UKST 3-hour H-alpha (Tech-Pan) survey exposures of the Southern Galactic Plane (Requiv = 20.5)
  • AAO/UKST matching 15-min Short-Red SR (Tech-Pan) exposures of the Southern Galactic Plane (R=20.5)

General information on this survey can be found here whilst the currently accessible on-line H-alpha survey data can be accessed here

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