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Style of Access

There are four ways to access the SuperCOSMOS Galactic Plane data which are described below.
  • GENERAL IMAGE/CATALOGUE EXTRACTION. Download a specified Galactic Plane region up to 30 arcmins across returning both the pixel image and associated object catalogue for the selected region. Note that by default only the H-alpha data are returned but the user may select either H-alpha/SR or both survey bands if desired.

    The object catalogue is selected on the fly from a larger database including any detections at the other wavebands currently available (e.g. H-alpha or SR2 and later I and SR1). Note that the IAM parameters in the object catalogue come from an Image analysis of the base SuperCOSMOS pixel data where the pixel data has not been Flat-Field corrected.

    If you select the H-alpha survey, your catalogue will have everything seen on the H-alpha exposure together with all the other available magnitudes (SR2, I, SR1) and a selection of associated IAM parameters, all retured in matched blocks of four columns for each parameter.

  • LARGE CATALOGUE. Download object catalogue from a large area (up to 10 degrees across). Again, this is created on the fly from a larger database, taking one particular Plane survey as the base-survey. You can control the list of parameters returned.

  • BATCH MODE. You can specify a disjoint list of regions (coordinates) to extract. Tar savesets of the images and associated catalogues are returned.

  • ALL GALACTIC PLANE SEARCHES / ANALYSIS. It is not currently possible to download the whole database. However searches through the entire survey material can be done (e.g. "find all the objects brighter than X") by arrangement with the WFAU on our own machines - contact Mike Read ( to discuss the possibilities. Later we hope to provide this as an automatic service.

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