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Object catalogue extraction

An introduction to this form is given here.

Updates to the on-line data and associated access software are listed in the Release History.

NB - Large extractions can produce catalogues up to 100MB in size. Please check your data after download to ensure the whole file has transferred correctly (eg generating a simple dot-plot will show if areas are missing).

Search Parameters

RA and DEC: Equinox:
(free format eg 00 05 53.9 -34 45 08)

Primary survey/waveband:

Size of extracted box: x- y- arcmin.
(If y=0 then a circular extraction is performed with radius=x)

Extract objects fainter than mags and brighter than mags
(These default values will give you all objects.)

Output Parameters

Equinox of output coordinates:

Epoch of output coordinates:
(A value of 0.0 will output positions at the epoch of the plate.)

Format of output catalogue/table

When you have completed the form, click on the Send button below.

"Expert" Parameters

The defaults in this section will return a catalogue containing a minimum amount of spurious sources. There is no need to change the parameters below unless you have a particular reason for doing so.

Purge repeat/duplicate objects in overlap regions or keep all data:
purge keep

Output most useful subset of master IAM data or output all 32 master IAM parameters?:
subset all

Blended image option - choose one of:

Image quality threshold (images having quality flag > threshold will be discarded; input 99999999 to keep all images regardless of quality flag, or use a threshold of 127 for the "best" catalogue)

Pairing radius: arcsec

Colour correct magnitudes:

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