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Examples of accessing & querying the 6dFGS database

Below are some usage examples of using the web forms to query the database.. The menu driven form is here, the SQL box form is here

Cases are followed by links to filled in forms which perform the query detailed. NB the menu driven form always tries to append the targetid and targetname parameters to the query if they've not already been requested as these are needed to generate links to the GIF files of the spectra and the thumbnail images. This is not done for the SQL box form as it would restrict usability.

Case 1

Find objects that appear in the 2MASS input catalogue that have been observed and that have a J magnitude < 12, a J-K colour > 1.5 and where the quality of the measured redshift is >= 3. Sort output such that brightest K mag appears first. Parameters to be returned are 2MASS RA and DEC, J, K, J-K colour and the observed redshift (z) and quality. This example makes use of the SQL as keyword to return the J-K colour as a new parameter called colour

using the menu form
using the SQL box form

Case 2

Find objects that were observed and have the string 'star' somewhere in the redshift comment and get the progid from TARGET. Return specid, targetname, z_comm and progid

using the menu form
using the SQL box form

Case 3

Find objects in HIPASS that are within 100 arcmin of 10:45:00 -37:00:00 B1950 and output their RA and DEC. If they've been observed also return the redshift and quality. (Some of the objects have not been observed and have null values returned for z and quality)

using the menu form

Case 4

Find the observed object with the highest good quality redshift and return its observed RA and DEC, z, and specid and targetname (by requesting specid and targetname a link to the images relating to the object will be returned

using the SQL box form

Case 5

Joining 3 tables using the targetid parameter. In this example the TARGET, SPECTRA and TWOMASS tables are joined with parameters extracted from each table.

using the SQL box form

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