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6dFGS Database - SQL Query

An introduction to the access forms is given here.

Examples of SQL query box text are given here

Please select your desired options, enter your SQL query (replacing the example query) and then click "Execute SQL". The example query in the textarea below is given as an example, it only selects objects with good quality extra-galactic redshifts that originate from the primary input catalogues (2MASS, DENIS and SuperCOSMOS)

Data Format:
HTML table summary (select number of rows returned below)     help
CSV File (downloadable, all rows written to CSV file, with HTML table summary on-screen)
CSV Compression:
(none) GZIP       help
Other Options:
NROWS, Maximum no. of rows to return in HTML table summary (limited to 10,000)     help
Output RA & DEC as decimal degrees (default is sexagesimal)     help
TAR saveset: if yes enter email address below and ensure format=CSV and that targetname is a selected parameter     help
Email: only required if requesting a TAR file     help
SQL Query:   help

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