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Use the form to upload a file of names and their positions and match them with objects held in the Spectra (observations) table.

Pairing radius: arcsec (maximum 300 arcsec)
Pairing Option:  
File to upload maximum 100,000 lines, 10Mb

The format of each line in the file should be NAME RA DEC separated by spaces. The names can be up to 16 characters long and should not contain spaces. The coordinates should be in J2000 decimal degrees, e.g.

myobjname 180.123456 -1.01234
anotherobj 179.0 0.512

Email Address: the results of long running queries will be sent by email, also required if you select a TAR saveset.
Data Format:
HTML table summary (select number of rows returned below)
 One of the formats below needs to be selected to retrieve all result rows
ASCII File (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen), select if requesting TAR saveset
FITS File (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen)
VOTable File (downloadable with HTML table summary on-screen)
  (The number of rows written to the downloadable files is also subject to an upper limit of approx 1,000,000 rows.)
File Compression:
(none) GZIP
HTML rows:
Number of rows written to HTML table summary (maximum 10000)
TAR saveset:
if yes enter make sure an email address is entered above and ensure data format=ASCII.

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