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Description of 6dFGS database schema

The 6dFGS database is housed under Microsoft's relational database software, SQL Server 2000. The data are organised in several tables (listed below) representing the master target list, the various input catalogues that make up the master target list and the results of the spectral observations. The TARGET table forms the hub of the database. Every table is interlinked via the parameters targetid and targetname. These parameters are unique in the master TARGET table but are not necessarily unique in the other tables e.g. SPECTRA, as objects can be observed more than once.

In addition to the parameterised data held in the various tables there is a multi-extension FITS file for each target (targetname.fits). Each FITS file holds thumbnail images of the target and any spectral observations as additional image extensions. The FITS content is described in more detail here .

Click on the table name for more information and to view the parameters stored in each table.

Table name Description
TARGETthe master target list
SPECTRAredshifts and observational data
TWOMASS2MASS input catalogue J, H and K
SUPERCOSSuperCOSMOS bright galaxies Bj and R
FSCsources from the IRAS FAINT Source Catalogue
RASScandidate AGN from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey
HIPASSsources from the HIPASS HI survey
DURUKSTextension to Durham/UKST galaxy survey
SHAPLEYgalaxies from the Shapley supercluster
DENISIgalaxies from DENIS I < 14.85
DENISJgalaxies from DENIS J < 13.85
AGN2MASScandidate AGN from the 2MASS red AGN survey
HEScandidate QSOs from the Hamburg/ESO Survey
NVSScandidate QSOs from NVSS
SUMSSbright radio sources from SUMSS

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