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Form interface to 6dFGS SQL Database

An introduction to this form is given here.     The defaults entered in the form only work if querying the SPECTRA table. Examples of form queries are given here

Select parameters to extract  help
From primary table  help
parameters from any secondary table  help
secondary table  help
pairing option if secondary table selected  help
Where  help
  Only quality=3 or 4 redshifts are reliable. (NB if a secondary table has been selected parameter names might need to be preceded by the table name and a . to uniquely specify them eg twomass.ra > 10.0)
optional: return objects within arcmin of RA: DEC: Equinox:  help
  (input RA and Dec as hh:mm:ss.s dd:mm:ss.s or decimal degrees)
optional Order by (ascending or descending)  help
Output RA & DEC as decimal degrees (default is sexagesimal)  help
number of rows written to HTML table, NROWS: maximum 10,000   help
Data Format HTML Table Summary, only NROWs returned to screen
CSV File (downloadable, all rows + NROWs HTML table summary to screen, also check if requesting TAR file)   help
File Compression: none GZIP   help
Saveset of object FITS files matching query: TAR?  help
  (if tar=yes CSV format must be checked above and your email address entered below)
email address: (only required if TAR=yes)   help
When you have completed the form, click on the Query button.  

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