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Links to the 1447 SDF frames from 6dFGS can be found on the SDF page.

Listed below are some of the ascii files that were used to build the database.
6dFGSzDR3.txt.gz 5.5Mb The 6dF Galaxy Survey Redshift Catalogue Data Release 3 (final) catalogue file
Basic data for the galaxies in the 6dFGS with redshifts, using the best 6dFGS redshfits (Q=3 or 4) plus availalbe redshifts from SDSS, 2dFGRS and ZCAT (124647 entries in all).

# Col.   Description  (new parameters for DR3 indicated by *)
# 1      Galaxy survey target ID
# 2,3,4  R.A. (J2000): hrs, min, sec
# 5,6,7  Dec. (J2000): deg, min, sec
# 8*     Number of 6dFGS measurements (of any redshift Q value)
# 9*     Number of measurements used in final cz (Q=3 or 4 only)
# 10     Recalibrated b_J magnitude (BMAG in 6dFGS database)
# 11     Programme ID number (PROGID in database)
# 12     Recalibrated r_F magnitude (RMAG in database)
# 13     SuperCOSMOS star/galaxy classifier, where 
#        1=galaxy, 2=star, 3=unclassifiable, 4=noise
# 14*    Sum of comparison flags (comparison threshold = 330km/s);
#        individual flag codes are:
#           0 : sole measurement or agreement within threshold
#           1 : >=1 6dFGS-6dFGS disagreement  (median cz listed)
#           2 : >=1 6dFGS-ZCAT disagreement   (6dFGS cz listed)
#           4 : >=1 6dFGS-2dFGRS disagreement (6dFGS cz listed)
#           8 : >=1 6dFGS-SDSS disagreement   (6dFGS cz listed)
#          16 : >=1 6dFGS-ZCAT agreement      (6dFGS cz listed)
#          32 : >=1 6dFGS-2dFGRS agreement    (6dFGS cz listed)
#          64 : >=1 6dFGS-SDSS agreement      (6dFGS cz listed)
#        6dFGS cz values (Q=3,4) are listed in all cases in preference
#        to the external value for redshift. ZCAT/2dFGRS/SDSS values are
#        listed when no Q=3,4 6dFGS cz is available. Note that in the
#        case of three or more 6dFGS measurements, just because one pair
#        of 6dFGS measurements disagree, the redshift may in fact be
#        secure through the remaining measurements. This can be checked
#        against items 8 and 9.
# 15     Best available combined recession velocity cz (km/s)
# 16     Combined uncertainty in cz (km/s), obtained by error-weighting
#        individual redshifts, where Q=3 redshifts have uncertainty
#        55km/s and Q=4 have 45km/s. 6dFGS redshifts deemed unsuitable
#        for extragalactic use (either because of measurement
#        uncertainty or spectral classification) have had their
#        uncertainties set to 0km/s. SDSS redshifts have an uncertainty
#        of 30km/s (Abazajian et al. 2005, ApJ 129, 1755). 2dFGRS
#        redshifts have uncertainties of 123km/s or 89km/s for redshift
#        Q=3 or Q=4 respectively (Colless et al. 2001, MNRAS, 328, 1039
#        and col.18 below). ZCAT redshifts carry the uncertainties from
#        their original surveys and so vary.
# 17     Code identifying source of redshift: 0=no (or unreliable 6dFGS)
#        measure, 1...99=ZCAT, 126=6dFGS, 250=SDSS, 392=2dFGRS
# 18     Best redshift quality value available for this source: 
#        0=no redshift quality value available, 1...4=6dFGS or 2dFGRS
#        quality parameter, 6=6dFGS confirmed Galactic source, 9=SDSS
#        and ZCAT sources (not a measure of quality); see Jones et al.
#        2004, MNRAS, 355, 747 or Colless et al. 2001, MNRAS, 328, 1039
#        for details on the quality schemes used by 6dFGS and 2dFGRS
#        respectively).
# 19,20  Galactic latitude, Galactic longitude
# 21     A_V, Galactic extinction in V magnitudes (from 
#        Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis 1998, ApJ 500, 525)
# 22     Original weight source had for first round of fibre allocation
# 23*    TARGETID number from the 6dFGS database
# 24     Template code(s): 6dFGS template number, Z for ZCAT redshift,
#        T for 2dFGRS, S for SDSS, and N for no redshift.
# 25     Name of redshift field file containing the redshift if sourced 
#        from 6dFGS; or the words 2dFGRS, ZCAT, or SDSS if the redshift
#        is from those surveys; otherwise "not_available" if the field 
#        information is not available, for whatever reason.
# 26*    SPECID values of redshifts contributing to the final combined 
#        redshift.
# Heath Jones, Anglo-Australian Observatory, 28 February 2009

Spectra table3.8Mba comma-separated file the table of spectral observations, a subset of parameters is provided i.e. SPECID, TARGETID, TARGETNAME, OBSRA, OBSDEC, MATCH_DR, Z, Z_HELIO, QUALITY, R_CRCOR, EXP_V, MJDOBS_V, EXP_R, MJDOBS_R, Z_COMM. Decriptions of these attributes can be found in the schema page for the Spectra table.

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