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Description of the TWOMASS table

The TWOMASS table contains holds the K, J and H selected samples originating from the 2MASS extended source catalogue. The K-selected sample, K < 12.75 represents the primary 6dFGS input catalogue. The H and J selected samples reach H < 13.00 and J < 13.75. The programme ID numbers (progid in the target table) for the K, H and J selected surveys are 1, 3 and 4 respectively.

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OBJIDintunique ID number
CATNAMEvarchar(15)2MASS catalogue name
prevCATNAMEvarchar(15)original catalogue name
TARGETNAMEvarchar(15)matching name in target table, used to name FITS files and generate thumbnail images
TARGETIDbigintmatching ID number in target
RA float RA J2000
DEC float Dec J2000
PRIORITY smallint survey weight
MAG_1 real supplied magnitude
PROGID smallint programme ID
MAG_2 real supplied magnitude
J_M_K20FE real J 20mag/sq." isophotal fiducial ell. ap. magnitude
H_M_K20FE real H 20mag/sq." isophotal fiducial ell. ap. magnitude
K_M_K20FE real K 20mag/sq." isophotal fiducial ell. ap. magnitude
RADIUS real 20mag/sq." isophotal K fiducial ell. ap. semi-major axis
A_B real minor/major axis ratio fit to 3-sig. super-coadd isophote
MUK20FE real average surface brightness within the mu_K = 20mag/sq arcsec elliptical isophote (derived from K_M_K20FE, RADIUS and A_B)
CORR real correction, based on MUK20FE, made to the isophotal magnitude K_M_K20FE to get a pseudo-total magnitude K
J real J magnitude (JEXT) used for J selection
H real H magnitude (HEXT) used for H selection
KEXT real KEXT magnitude
K real K magnitude (corrected) used for K selection
KEXT_K real KEXT minus K (corrected)
JTOT real J total magnitude
HTOT real H total magnitude
KTOT real K total magnitude
RTOT real radius of the total size of the galaxy

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